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Loutro is located in Sfakia province, about 71 kilometers from the Chania town, in southwest Crete. Loutro is a beautiful coastal village, which in antiquity was the port of ancient Anopolis, and got its name from the baths found in the region (Loutro in Greek means bath). The natural harbor created by the bay, is safe even in rough weather.

The Venetian lighthouse in Chania town is one of the most characteristic places in Crete and also unique as it combines elements from both eastern and western architecture. The lighthouse is located in the harbor of Chania and it was constructed during the 15th century when Crete was under Venetian occupation.

When you visit Chania, you will discover that there are many attractions you can visit with a rental car! Among the most beautiful places just outside the center of Chania, are the Venizelos tombs, located on the hill of Prophet Elias. The hill is just five kilometers east of the town of Chania, on the road leading to Akrotiri and the airport. The view is panoramic with one of the most beautiful and relaxing sunsets you will see!

Balos is a truly beautiful place to visit, it is located about 56 kilometers northwest of the town of Chania, formed between two Capes, Gramvousa and Tigani. The clear, turquoise waters of Balos, and the shape that the beach is formed, makes it one of the most unique places to visit in Crete.

Actually there are two small islands called Gramvousa, the northern island is named Agria Gramvousa (wild Gramvousa) and the one located south is named Imeri Gramvousa (tamed Gramvousa).

The maritime museum in Chania first opened its gates in the year 1973. The day of its opening was the 32nd anniversary of the battle of Crete in World War 2.

Ancient Aptera also known as Apteron was an ancient city of great importance. It is located approximately 13 kilometers east of Chania town in Souda bay. The city state of Aptera was an important center from the Minoan era since the Hellenistic era.

Kydonia, also known as Cydonia was an ancient Greek city state located in the northwest part of Crete. It is believed that it was founded by the Minoan civilization and later conquered by the Mycenaean civilization.

Golden beach (Chrissi Akti) is the one of the closest beaches to Chania town. It is only 1 kilometer from the center of Chania, so if you are in town you can just walk there! The beach was named “golden” because of the amazing colors of the sand there. Golden beach is sandy and consists by three smaller beaches with warm, shallow and very clear waters. Golden beach is excellent for children due to its shallow waters.

Stalos beach is located approximately 5 kilometers west of Chania town and east of Agia Marina. Stalos is a very popular destination for tourists from Greece and all around the world. Just like Agia Marina and Platanias it is preferred by tourists mainly due to its beautiful beaches, its many and high quality services and its proximity to Chania town.

The cedar forest of Chania is a hidden treasure southeast of the city of Chania. In fact, it is located west of Elafonisi, about 78 kilometers from Chania town. The cedar forest is a unique beach that is worth a visit, as it is one of the few coastal forests of Greece.

In the beautiful and picturesque town of Chania, there are many museums hosting a rich archaeological material and exhibits that illustrate an enduring image of the cultural history of Chania. One of the most important museums, housed in the Catholic Venetian monastery of St. Francis, is the Archaeological Museum.

The Frangokastello is a castle located on the south coast of the island of Crete approximately 79 kilometers from Chania town. The Frangokastello was built by the Venetians between 1371 and 1374 and was used as a garrison in the region. The original name of the fortress was the “Castle of Saint Nikitas”, named after the nearby church. The native Greek population of the area although always used the name “Frangokastello” with literally means the castle of the Franks. After some years the Venetians adopted the same name for the castle as well.

Elafonisi also know as Elafonissi is a combination of a peninsula and a small island. In more detail Elafonisi is a small island located just a few meters from the shore and in order to reach the island you can just walk there through the sea, as the waters are very shallow! The Elafonisi is located at the south west part of the Chania prefecture at a distance approximately of 75 kilometers from Chania town.

The city of Rethymno, also known as Rethimno or Rethymnon is the capital of the regional unit of Rethymno and one of the largest cities in the island of Crete with a population of approximately 40,000.

The beautiful island of Crete has thousands of wonderful beaches! You can choose according to your taste the ones you wish to visit. Whether you prefer large or small beaches, organized or not, crowded or remote, in Crete will find beaches for every taste!