Balos, the famous majestic lagoon in Chania!

Balos is a truly beautiful place to visit, it is located about 56 kilometers northwest of the town of Chania, formed between two Capes, Gramvousa and Tigani. The clear, turquoise waters of Balos, and the shape that the beach is formed, makes it one of the most unique places to visit in Crete.

The famous exotic scenery and the natural beauty attracts thousands of tourists every year, so if you like to have more space to enjoy the landscape, you should prefer going early in the morning before the boats from the port of Kissamos arrive with tourists. The area is protected, hosting rare animals and plants, and gives shelter to the sea turtle caretta – caretta and the Mediterranean monk seal. The combination of the colors, will enchant you. The sand is white with some pink touches created by the crushed shells over the years, the sea is turquoise and the combination makes a scenery that you will never forget. The waters are shallow and warm, ideal for children to play safely and for you to relax! In order to get to Balos beautiful beach you can rent a car from Chania rent a car and drive safely to the beach!

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